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Litigation Alternatives

Collaborative Law
The Collaborative law process is a method of obtaining a divorce where the parties and their attorneys are dedicated to resolving all disputes fairly, with minimal conflict and without resorting to litigation (or going to court). The process includes a series of four-way conferences, with attorneys and clients present where issues of custody, visitation, and property division are discussed. If necessary, the parties agree to hire specialists/consultants, such as financial advisors, appraisers, or counselors, whose expertise helps to resolve specific issues. This process allows for greater creativity and ideally leads to joint decisions that are customized for the parties’ individual circumstances. It allows the parties to focus on resolution rather than litigation, helps minimize the stress of going through a divorce, and increases the chances that both parties are satisfied with the post-divorce outcome.

Mediation is an option for parties who have chosen to pursue a dissolution but wish to make decisions regarding property division, parenting plans, and support without going to court. A certified mediator can help facilitate communication between the parties and assist them in reaching a mutually acceptable agreement. Patricia Bruno is a certified mediator and received her certification from the University of California at Berkeley.

Limited Scope Representation
Limited Scope Representation (sometimes called "unbundling") is a way that an attorney can help you with part of your case while you do the rest. You can hire an attorney to prepare or review your paperwork or you can do the preparation yourself and hire an attorney just to make the court appearance for you.

Pro Per Assistance
An individual is Pro Per when he or she is self-represented. Many individuals proceed Pro Per because they cannot afford full representation by an attorney. For such individuals, Pro Per Assistance is available on an as-needed basis. You will consult with an attorney who can provide you with procedural and case status information, assist you in preparing court documents, or assist you in preparing for an upcoming hearing. The attorney does not represent you but she will help you feel prepared and reassured as you proceed Pro Per.

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